Cameron Stone & Landscape was started in 2012 by myself, Jesse Cameron. From the age of 5 I studied piano, began playing the trumpet at 10, which eventually led me to majoring in jazz performance at William Paterson University in NJ with a focus on trumpet and contemporary composition. All along the way I found outlets for working with my hands and different materials, metal to wood, in a wide variety of projects from building climbing gyms to motorcycles.

But when I started to work with stone 6 years ago, I not only fell in love, but I felt satisfaction; something I had been searching for in my work all of my life.

I believe you can apply what you learn about one subject to another. The creativity I worked on for years to play and write new music directly effects my thought process for cutting and constructing with stone. To build with innovation, detail and beauty. Stone can be loud and soft, delicate and strong. It is such a joy to work with something that is so old, yet it can be arranged into something with new life.

This is my goal with my work.